Squeakee the balloon Dog S1 Large Sgl Pk, red, 12300

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Meet Squeakee! The electronic balloon dog that is inflated with personality! This interactive Balloon Dog will WOW you as he comes to life just like a real pup! With over 60 interactive sounds and movements. Pets Squeakee’s ear and he will sit. Keep petting and Squeakee will stand up and make a triumphant sound!
Pop Squeakee by gently pushing the Pin into the pinhole, and anytime Squeakee is in a laying position you can inflate him by quickly pushing the Pump accessory into his mouth.
Training Squeakee: Teach Squeakee tricks with the Squeaker Toy. 1 x quick squeak will make him sit. 2 x quick squeaks and he will beg. 3 x quick squeaks will make Squeakee excited and ready to play. Squeakee also responds to your voice, tell Squeakee when he has been naughty, the louder you speak the more he squeaks. Keep doing this and he will eventually pop and deflate.