Dolls of the Year 2021

Rainbow High Fashion Dolls

WINNER – Barbie Color Reveal 

Barbie Color Reveal

Barbie Color Reveal doll, what the doll looks like is a surprise. Everything from the color of her hair and eyes to her fashion accessories remain a mystery inside the blind-packaged canister. Use water to reveal your doll’s looks. There are five dolls to collect in series 1.

Start by peeling away the outer covering of the canister. What you’ll find is a see-through container with blind bags and an all-pink doll inside. Remove the doll and the four blind bags, and then take the canister and fill it with warm water to the fill line. From there, place the doll into the water-filled canister and watch as the outer covering disappears. When the water has turned all cloudy and pink, it’s time to take out your doll and reveal which one you got. Then, open up the blind bags to get your doll dressed. You’ll find shoes, a skirt, a wig, and a heart-shaped sponge. The sponge helps you do water-activated color reveal features with the doll’s eyes and hair. Dipping the sponge in icy cold water will add colorful streaks to the doll’s plastic hair, as well as change the doll’s eye color and add makeup. You can change it back with warm water.

surprise elements create excitement in unboxing experience for Barbie.
Barbie fans will definitely want to collect and reveal all five dolls.
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LOL Surprise! OMG Remix Dolls

O.M.G. we sisters are ready to take the stage, but everything on the So Extra Tour got REMIXED. We’re calling all B.B.s to help unbox fashion, music and more! Each fashion doll has 25 surprises and a full-size record that really plays music on the innovative record player package. LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls are tall LOL Surprise dolls, 24 cm high. OMG stands for “outrageous millenial girls”.

LOL OMG Remix dolls are older sisters (not moms) of LOL tots from the first four LOL Surprise series. They have fashionable outfits and accessories, bright stylish hairstyles, and also LOL Surprise OMG ReMix dolls are very interesting to collect because you are collecting a music band.

putting a bright spotlight on the new L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix dolls from MGAE. After all, they’re superstars who come with their own record player and music! One problem before they hit the stage though – their clothing got a remix, too. Kitty K has part of B.B.’s outfit and vice versa, while Honeylicious has part of Lonestar’s outfit and Lonestar has hers. What a dilemma for a diva to have right before a show! Better collect them all so they’re outfits are complete!

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Rainbow High Fashion Dolls

Rainbow High Fashion Dolls

Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw and Violet Willow – are the beautifully bold, fashion-forward students at Rainbow High. They’re bringing amazing fashion to the halls of Rainbow High and fans have noticed! With the debut of six new Rainbow High dolls, fans can #CollectTheRainbow!

Collect the rainbow with the colorful new fashion doll line Rainbow High. There are six dolls to collect, each one representing a color of the rainbow. Each poseable doll includes two outfits for a mix-and-match look, plus long, colorful hair.

Ruby Anderson’s red, black, and white ensemble is streetwear chic. Check out the gold paint on her red jeans and the red flames on her black booties.

Poppy Rowen’s fresh, hip style features butterfly details in her orange hair and on both pairs of her shoes.

Sunny Madison’s personality is as bright and happy as the yellow color of her clothes. She’s got cool rainbow knee-high socks and lots of sparkle on her dress and jeans.

Jade Hunter’s edgy green look makes her stand out in a puffy jacket with graffiti shorts or in a tracksuit with sneakers.

Skylar Bradshaw wears denim head to toe, whether that’s in her denim crop top and skirt or full-on denim dress.

And glam Violet Willow comes with two dresses that are red-carpet ready even though they’re purple. A faux fur coat and show-stopping heels complete either one of her two looks.

The dolls come with a doll stand and clothes hangers.

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Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Wash Your Hands Singing Doll

Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Wash Your Hands Singing Doll

Inspired by Disney Junior’s hit animated show, Doc McStuffins has been a role model for young viewers since 2012.

She understands how important washing her hands is in preventing the spread of germs to her friends. Kids will enjoy singing along with Doc McStuffins as they practice washing their hands to the “Wash Your Hands” song from the show.

Press her stethoscope to activate and Doc McStuffins sings and says some of her iconic phrases. Standing 11 inches tall, this Doc McStuffins doll is dressed in her classic doctor’s outfit and comes with a doll-size face mask, doctor’s bag, pretend stethoscope, thermometer, and otoscope to help her care for all of her patients!

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Cave Club Fashion Dolls

Cave Club Fashion Dolls

The Cave Club is a brand-new series consisting of six prehistoric friends: Tella, Emberly, Fernessa, Roaralai, Slate, and Rockelle.

Cave Club dolls spark epic storytelling adventures with neon-bright hair, prehistoric style and adorable dinosaur pets. Emberly is sparkin’ big things as the first inventor — and she’s ready to blaze new trails in a polka-dotted dress with a utility belt that lets her take her inventions on the go. Emberly doll comes with her velociraptor pal Flaire, plus a comb accessory and a sparkly club that transforms into a torch.

Kids ages 4 years old and up can play out dino-adventures with their favourite Cave Club doll or collect them all to make history with the whole crew. Each sold separately, subject to availability.

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FailFix dolls

The FailFix Squad (friends Kawaii.Qtee, PreppiPosh, Dance.Stylz, LovesGlam and SlayitDJ) are Fail Fix Fashion dolls – they have attempted some make over tutorials watching videos online, but things haven’t gone quite according to plan! Their makeup looks an absolute mess, they’ve managed to get their accessories and shoes all tangled in their hair(!) and they are far, far away from pulling off their desired look!

FailFix Dolls
The Fail Fix dolls need children’s help to fix their beauty look fail, by revealing their surprise fashion, transforming their hair and makeup and using the included tools and hair accessories to create the look that they were attempting to achieve in the first place. With 5 different dolls and 5 different ‘fails’ to fix, children will love trying to collect them all.

By applying (snapping on) the face mask, they can “fix” the makeup mishap. When the facemask is removed, it pulls with it a faceplate and underneath the doll’s makeup is on point. My daughter had no trouble doing this herself, and was thrilled to learn the faceplate can be snapped back on so she can “makeover” the doll again and again.

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