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Hello Human Friends: The 2-XL Talking Robot from Tiger Electronics

The original 2-XL talking robot from Mego offered a myriad of educational programming on a variety of different topics recorded on 8-track tapes. Children interacted with the 2-XL by listening to questions and providing answers. Pressing buttons caused the toy to switch between pre-recorded tracks, thereby appearing to respond to user input. Created by Dr. […]

That’s Logical! Comp IV from Milton Bradley

In the late 1970s, the availability of low-cost microprocessors from Texas Instruments helped usher in the era of hand-held, electronic gaming. These logic chips allowed companies like Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers to augment their traditional toy lines with computer-controlled games. Simon, Merlin, and Electronic Battleship all allowed for solo and group play. Comp IV, from Milton […]

The Tables Have Turned: Playing the Technics Direct Drive Player System Drive SL-1200

Technics Direct Drive Player System Drive SL-1200 turntable, 1973. The Strong, Rochester, New York. Imagine it’s another hot summer day in 1973. However, you and your friends are planning to attend a party in the New York City borough of the Bronx. After a long subway ride and getting lost, you make it to the […]

Spielwarenmesse raises the Game Inventors Convention to an international level: registrations running at top speed

Spielwarenmesse Logo New venue for games authors and editors in Nuremberg Information desk and prize draw at SPIEL ‘22 in Essen At the forthcoming Spielwarenmesse, the whole of the Friday will be devoted to the Internationale Spieleerfindermesse – Game Inventors Convention. It will be taking place in Nuremberg for the first time on 3 February […]

The Toy Industry Needs Immigration

For a population to replenish itself in the absence of immigration, demographers estimate that there must be, on average, about 2.1 births per woman. In the United States, the fertility rate has been consistently below that level since 2007. U.S. Population Growth Has Nearly Flatlined. Is That So Bad?, Spencer Bokat-lindell, new york times, september […]

California Sues Amazon for Inflating Prices and Suppressing Competition

Hello I Am Suing You words on a name tag sticker informing that someone is bringing a lawsuit against you in a court of law The California Attorney General, Rob Bonita, has charged Amazon with violating the state’s Unfair Competition Law. Here is how Forbes writer Brian Bushard explains it: The lawsuit filed in San […]